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Theo Kruger, who was born and lives in Port Charlotte, used to watch and enjoy the “War on the Peace River” boxing series during the 1990’s. Now, he is part of the series, as Brady Productions LLC. brings back the popular events to the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center. Theo will be a featured fighter in his hometown.

After talking to Theo about how he got started in boxing, his feelings in general, and his thoughts on helping others in his community, here is how he responded:

“I am a father of six daughters and a husband of fourteen years. I have been boxing professionally for the last eight years. I started boxing to relieve anger from built up frustration due to being attacked and stabbed. While fighting for my life in a hospital emergency room worries seemed to disappear and life began to find its way. I stay in shape to be able to enjoy every day possible with my friends and FAMILY. I have recently formed a partnership with Dr. Mark Asperilla and opened up a nonprofit boxing gym to help some of the troubled kids within our community of Charlotte County. Though we live in one of the most beautiful communities in our lovely nation there is still the presence of crime and poverty.”

“I grew up as a poor kid in a broken home in the Tampa area. We had to learn to fight just to be able to fit in and fitting in was very hard. I never liked to fight but never backed down from one either. I always figured it would be the death of me, and it almost was, but there comes a time in a person’s life when they must look around and see what they have and the direction they are heading in. At that point in my life a decision was made. Fortunately, I chose a path that has brought me much happiness. A beautiful wife, wonderful kids, and boxing, are now my life. If it wasn't for each one of them then the others wouldn't be in my life, if I was to still have a life!”

“I work five to six days a week, eight to ten hours a day. Then I take myself and my younger daughters to the gym to train myself, and others, in the “Sweet Science.” I try to teach more than boxing. Sometimes kids need to know they are doing well and that the path they are on is the right one and everything is going to be alright.”

“I am currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix. I will graduate in January with my associate degree in Sports Management. I will further my schooling and enroll for my Bachelors degree and so on. Not only does the schooling help me but it shows my kids and the kids at the gym that school is a positive thing and that it is good at any age.”

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